Re: Parsing idl ...

Miguel de Icaza <> writes:

> > If the ORBit IR is finished (I haven't tracked it recently),
> > someone writes the necessary code to fill the ORBit IR from
> > IDL files (the Perl IDL parsing code may be a useful base
> > for that), and submits the necessary fixes to bring the code
> > in ORBit up-to-date, I'd take them, but it isn't a high priority
> > for me.
> I thought we could just use the libIDL to parse those files.

Yes, you would use libIDL to parse the files, but the result
of libIDL is a somewhat raw parse tree. It corresponds
to the tructure of the IDL, rather than to the structure
of the types that the IDL represents. 

(For instance, an interface is represented as a INTERFACE
node which includes as a child a LIST node with mixed operations
and attributes. Instead of a interface structure with pointers
to a list of operations and a list of attributes, as is
found in the IR.)

I was suggesting that the perl code probably would serve
as a decent model of code to do the feeding, since it converts
the raw IDL tree to something that is quite IR-ish.


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