Re: Stream::read

> 	  I'm begginning to get annoyed with:
> 		  long read     (in long count, out iobuf buffer)
> 			  raises (NoPermission);
> 	  The iobuf buffer has a _length field, so why do we duplicate this
> information in the 'long' return value ? it is annoying to have to check
> the exception then take the min of retval + buffer->_length.

The `count' expresses how many bytes to read.  the buffer._lenght
indicates how many bytes were read.  For instance, you could request
10 bytes, but only get 1 back.

And you do not want to make `buffer' an inout.

> 	  Also; I'd like to forcibly remove libefs from bonobo, and I need a
> decision as to whether we still keep the loadable module to avoid linking
> the vfs in each time, or whether we simplify it all into 1 directory and
> mandate the vfs ?

As I said, I do not want to mandate the VFS.  And I do see no problems
with libefs living there.


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