Re: bonobo, gnome-vfs, and libefs

> 	  Dude; all these dependancies are optional, and there is no
> particular need to compile the efs support into gnome-vfs; please simply
> add --disable-efs=yes to the spec file for gnome-vfs. This is the easiest,
> cleanest and most simple solution.

Yes, but if you want to have the full functionality (ie, you "choose
to follow that option"), then you will have to compile things twice.

> 	  I'd prefer not to have to distribute libefs separately, also we
> are discussing whether to continue libefs development or whether to switch
> to libole2.

I wish you had told me earlier :-)

You were the man behind the `please dont use libole2 for structured

My personal feeling is that we can ship the efs vfs module in bonobo.
After all, that is the whole point of our pluggable architecture.


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