Re: [OAF] Getting the IOR of the ObjectDirectory

ERDI Gergo <> writes:

> Hi,
> How do I get the IOR of the ObjectDirectory, when I want to register a new
> factory? The only way from an ActivationContext (which is accessible from
> /tmp/orbit-$USER/reg.IDL:OAF_ActivationContext:1.0) to an ObjectDirectory
> is the `directories' attribute, but I don't know why there would be more
> than one directory, and which one I should use.

OAF can be set up to talk to additional ObjectDirectories on remote
systems. When you are registering factories, you really should use the
command-line options that OAF passes you to do the registration,
rather than trying to get at the ObjectDirectory directly.

I suppose it might be useful to have a way to get at the local object
directory regardless, but I am not sure.

 - Maciej

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