Re: OAF Patch that includes Spanish .po file

Diego Sevilla Ruiz <> writes:

> Hi all:
> 	This is my small contritution to OAF. I downloaded the latest OAF
> this morning from CVS (version 0.5.0) and translated the .po file for
> es_ES language. This translates OAF into spanish. 
> 	As I don't have write CVS access (and I don't know how to obtain
> it), I send a diff file in which I changed the
> (ALL_LINGUAS) to add "es_ES" language, added a po/es_ES.po file and
> updated both ChangeLog files.
> 	I compiled it and worked fine, although I had to disable the
> "-Werror" to CFLAGS in (this change is not in the diff).

Thanks for the patch. I guess i18n patches should probably go through
the translation team. Does anyone know how to get this patch to them?

Also, -Werror should by off by default for the release version (though
on for CVS). Are you sure it wasn't for you? If not I may have to make
yet another release (*sigh*).

 - Maciej

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