Re: Problems with the Stream interface

Miguel de Icaza <> writes:

> With oneway you can still fill up the queue if the other process
> is not responding.  Specially if you are transmiting large buffers,
> hence oneway is not reliable to be used as a generic "queuing"
> mechanism.  If this effect is desired, then an event-like service,
> or a real queue (as in the queue: moniker) should be used

As I said in another message, I think this can best be fixed by using
a queue in ORBit for oneway delivery.

I also think that this issue is largely theoretical, and will not end
up causing the Nautilus UI to block all the time when using
non-nautilus-specific components, as opposed to the current situation,
where it does.

However, using "oneway" is not the essential part of my proposal. If
there is a better way to avoid blocking behavior, I'd love to use

 - Maciej

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