Re: oaf/idl/gnome-factory.idl is being renamed to oaf/idl/oaf-factory.idl

> compile a GNOME system, OAF and try to copmile a fresh gnome-core.
> Terminal.idl defines a TerminalFactory which inherits GnomeFactory
> which is of course the version installed by oaf and not the one 
> installed by gnome-libs... BAD THINGS happen now.

It is a shame that the whole argument for all the stupid breakage is
reduced to `BAD THINGS happen now'.  I wish we could have solved this
through an inteligent process rather than the brute force,
retry-and-attempt-and-redo-until-things-compile, which is honestly
pretty pathetic.

If I had knew this kind of thing was going to be done with OAF, I
would have kept the Bonobo Factory interface and just call it quits
with OAF.

I am of course very annoyed at the limited ammount of intelligence
that was devoted to this process for the sake of compiling gnome-core
after you install OAF.


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