Re: Problems with the Stream interface

> > Remember that here anything that happens on one side of the pipe will
> > happen on both sides:  even with an asynchronous interface, a client
> > may be busy and the server will block if it tries to send the client
> > some CORBA request.  It's exactly the same thing as on the other side.
> You're right, but oneway addresses both concerns I think.

It really does not.  As I mentioned in a previous post the problem is
that you can fill the system queue that you are using between
components (or the tcp/ip queue) and your application will block.
Oneway or no one way, this will happen.

This might not be noticeable for methods like ref/unref, but you will
definetly notice it on a trasnfer_big_chunk_of_data() kind of
methods.  So oneway here is also approaching uselessness very


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