oaf/idl/gnome-factory.idl is being renamed to oaf/idl/oaf-factory.idl

hi all.

I know miguel will not like the above change but it is necessary.

The interface definition itself is not changed: the GenericFactory
interface is still defined in the GNOME module.

The file name change is simply made necessary to not fuck up your 
system. A case where it breaks stuff is detailed below.

compile a GNOME system, OAF and try to copmile a fresh gnome-core.
Terminal.idl defines a TerminalFactory which inherits GnomeFactory
which is of course the version installed by oaf and not the one 
installed by gnome-libs... BAD THINGS happen now.

Fix will be commited as soon as I have tested it enough on my system.


Mathieu Lacage <mathieu@eazel.com>

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