BugSquad Meeting Minutes -- 2009-10/09

Hello all,

Yesterday we had our BugSquad meeting, on #bugs irc gimp net  We expect
to have a new meeting in about one month. You can cast your
availability on Doodle (http://doodle.com/vpffu5tf23c82nr5). 

As usual, the meeting Minutes, and the raw log, can be found at

== New project: BugsquadGoals ==

Small and easy tasks for newbies: see the bottom of Bugsquad/BugDays


Generally a good thing to help newbies finding their way to the magics
of Triaging. The problem with newbies closing bugs is, though, that
they might upset someone by, e.g. closing bugs too early or fiddling
around with metadata. Thus we should supervise a newbie for as long as
it's needed ;-) But there's a problem: How does one get the changes
someone else made to a bug?

	hggdh to investigate on how to follow someone properly. TODO
	(Bug 597962)

	jjardon to create new page for BugSquadGoals. DONE:

	jjardon to add new BugsquadGoal: setting bugs to NEW where a
	developer has acted (and accepted the bug) but the bug is still
	UNCONFIRMED. DONE bug 597965 

== Bugsquad/DirectiveDiscussion ==


Although the intention of the TriageGuide and DirectiveDiscussion were
different, the content basically is the same and the quality is better
on the TriageGuide. Thus mark the DirectiveDiscussion Page as
deprecated in favour of the TriageGuide

	jjardon to mark DirectiveDiscussion as deprecated and link to
	TriageGuide. TODO bug 597966 

== Future of Bugsquad/BugDays ==



We want bugdays ;-). To have enough time for external parties like the
ArtTeam, we plan to have a Bugday in two months. We would like
everybody to file ideas at http://live.gnome.org/Bugsquad/BugDays.

We found that the following tasks have to be done:

    * Find good goals for a bugday. Useful, simple, measurable and
      attractive. Maybe "look at bugs from product xxxx" or "with
      keyword foo"
    * Have a banner to be placed at the top of bugzilla. This is not a
      must but would be nice to show both the appreciation for the new
      people, and as a call for help. Involves asking ArtTeam and
    * Have an image or a logo which can be posted around.
    * Produce Screencasts on how to triage a bug.
    * If there is a measurable goal, an IRC bot might be nice, ala
      "Heya folks, we got 60% already! Keep on going and we're done
      with this by 17:42"
    * Warn developers that there might be more bugmail than usual
    * get as many bug triagers together as possible
    * Send mail to gnome-love and blog about it
    * Post at http://gnomesupport.org/forums/ (are there other platforms?) 

	mruiz to ask ArtTeam for a logo for blogs and a bugzilla
	banner. A template to flexibly fill in date/time. TODO bug

	Susana to create a bugday planning page and ask people to add
	their ideas. TODO

	Muelli to ask gnome-infrastructure whether it's possible to
	have a banner on top of bugzilla on bugday linking to the
	bugday page. TODO 597972 



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