Re: The path is a bit long to find you

Máirín Duffy wrote:
Diego Escalante Urrelo wrote:
Well, in my opinion your report is positive since it includes
suggestions and not only problems.
Thanks for the time to tell us about this, on a quick look I agree
with most of your comments, we should try to make a very
straightforward path for anyone interested in contributing, something
with huge buttons and little text.

I personally like the idea of "profiles", let's say "I'm an artist" so
you are presented with options for an artist to help, etc.
There's a nice video about something very similar done with the
simpsons characters in a Debconf, it's in Spanish though.

We did something similar for Fedora -

Feel free to steal/borrow from it if you would like! I did the icons and you are free to use them as well.


(resending, I sent from the wrong email addy and the message is stuck in moderation)

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