How to create a clean GNOME room?

Hello again Bug Bashes!

Yes, so soon! Now, I will write about why I  first came looking for you.

I experienced a bug. Really!

My first step in investigating a bug with a reproducible symptom is to
try to reproduce the issue with the most recent version, naturally.

So, I wanted to do was set up a virtual machine with a clean up-to-date GNOME.

0. The journal so far led me to

Notes on this "Immutable Page"  (come on use terminology that doesn't
require my degree in comp sci):
- There is a funky new line: "We use the <p ...>
- My layperson's understanding was that GNOME's bugzilla is quite
customized (forkish?), so should probably link to a page explaining
that instead of directly to
- Tricky, how the triage guide and bug days are listed twice, a few
lines from each other.

Seems like there is another opportunity to cut out a middle person,
and just take me directly to, because most of the info
is redundant.

1. I'm now at

I had hoped to find out information on setting up that clean
up-to-date GNOME, I'm so eager to, but that doesn't seem included.

2. Doing a tiny bit of digging finds me at That seems like essential
information for doing a good job triaging GNOME bugs.

Based on , I
understand that there is no pure model GNOME distribution, and that
Ubuntu or Fedora are the recommended base distributions for using
GARNOME and reproducing and triaging bugs?

What a trip, thanks for coming along,
I can't grow without light,

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