Re: The path is a bit long to find you


On 2/8/08, Lloyd Budd <foolswisdom gmail com> wrote:
> Hello bug bashers,
> I have some fresh eyes, and wanted to record my experience before
> getting used to how it works.
> The path is a bit long to find you
> Repro: always
> Steps:
> 1. Go to
> 2. Click Contribute tab ->
> Note: this page may have a bit of an identity crisis. Is this "The
> GNOME Community" or "How to contribute". Its presentation is likely
> overwhelming to a person new to GNOME. Compare this to the experience
> at Ubuntu Community > Get Involved
> Note to self: need to propose better experience for
> . There is a clue in that Ubuntu URL as well, I
> also prefer the term "participate", as it is inherently more active
> than "contribute"
> 3. Sucker! You really want to be at
> 4. Here lies a fork in the road or
> . BuildBrigade short description
> could explicitly say "test automation" near the beginning or similar,
> and the route to it is probably from within both testing and
> development.
> Note: seems misplaced in the whole
> participate experience.
> Actual results:
> Took at least one more step, probably two, to find you then I would expect.
> Now, I can already here some of you saying, "Well its easy for you to
> point out problems, lets get solution oriented!", or "It's a wiki, so
> update it." Sorry, for now, all I got is problems.

Well, in my opinion your report is positive since it includes
suggestions and not only problems.
Thanks for the time to tell us about this, on a quick look I agree
with most of your comments, we should try to make a very
straightforward path for anyone interested in contributing, something
with huge buttons and little text.

I personally like the idea of "profiles", let's say "I'm an artist" so
you are presented with options for an artist to help, etc.
There's a nice video about something very similar done with the
simpsons characters in a Debconf, it's in Spanish though.

What do others think? Any opinion from the web team (cc'd)?



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