Re: customized dbg-packages stock answers [was: bb/bz wishlist]


Am Montag, den 06.11.2006, 12:22 +0100 schrieb Christian Kirbach:
> On Sat, 04 Nov 2006 14:41:27 +0100, Andre Klapper <ak-47 gmx net> wrote:
> We may want to have some mechanism that compares the version of the
> just submitted report against the report marked as FIXED. If the software  
> is
> newer than the version that is already filed (and known to be broken) it
> has not been fixed properly.

exactly. is a very first step.
i want bug-buddy to be able to display information that it has received
from bugzilla, it would make a lot of things easier. this is not
possible currently, but i'd love to see this happen...fernando?

> > * bugzilla: (pretty vague:) exact "which dbg packages do i have to
> > install" information available as "bad_stacktrace" stock answer,
> > depending on the distro, the distro version, and the product name of the
> > bug report.
> That would yield 100 new stock answers.

i know, but we have the possibility to only show them by product, as we
currently do for epiphany, evince and metacity, see

> However it looks sane to me to do create special stock messages for,
> say, the 5 most blamed products (Evolution, nautilus etc).
> I tend to add half a sentence asking to install particular packages, but  
> that really consumes loads of time.

it would be a very good first step to add them for important apps with
lots of crasher reports[1] like evolution, nautilus, totem, rhythmbox
and epiphany; and for the distribution ubuntu (because most of the bug
reports we're getting are from ubuntu).
i want the "normal" bad_stacktrace stock answer plus an explicit "please
install the following packages: bar-dbg, foo-dbg, riot-dbg" hint.

i think this would be useful, as this would hopefully speed up
information flow (read: fixing bugs) and lower the user hindrance of
"clicking on the 'how to get a better stacktrace' link -> clicking on
the distro-specific page -> trying to find out the package names, no
idea how to, but trying to find it out". THAT is an involvement killer
to me currently.

i'm willing to provide a patch and to gather the required information.
feedback, comments? :-)


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