[RFC] GNOME 2.16.2 Showstopper Review


hereby sending a draft for a gnome 2.16.2 showstopper review. please
post any comments or improvements within the next 24 hours - silence
means compliance.
for further information or comments on the process itself, please feel
free to edit http://live.gnome.org/Bugsquad/ShowstopperReviews .

(i have excluded two gnome-system-tools gnome 2.18.x blockers, we should
get them in later in the release cycle.)



Subject: GNOME 2.16.2 Showstopper Review
To: d-d-l, r-t

in a perfect world, we would have unlimited ressources (oil, money,
developers, bugtriagers), we would not need marketing (because everybody
just knows that GNOME is the best desktop in the world), there wouldn't
be bugs, and even if, every developer would have enough time to fix
those bugs and to read bugzilla mail on a daily basis.
this isn't a perfect world, so it's time to reanimate showstopper

developers, please do take a look at this list. feel free to not only
take a look at your product - perhaps you also have fresh ideas where
other developers are stuck.
i fully understand that with limited human ressources, one cannot always
keep track of everything. we want to help you a bit, any feedback is

we also would like volunteers to write up future reports, please take a
look at http://live.gnome.org/Bugsquad/ShowstopperReviews if interested.

let's make gnome an even better gnome for everyone.

=> Keys refuse to "unbind", one has to log out and back in again to
get the letter back to a working state.

Patch available.
Sebastien has told me that currently nobody takes a look at the keyboard
stuff. Perhaps Sergey can take a look at this?

=> Crash in the font vfs method

30 dups in 30 days.
in comment 33, alex states that the crash is in
	if (font_names) g_strfreev(font_names);
and that it seems that font_faces is not created as a NULL terminated

=> qstring, match_obj = match TypeError: unpack non-sequence

29 dups in 30 days.
in comment 40, raphael stated that this is caused by the history
(because clearing history seems to fix this crash), and that it returns
None for some reasons.

=> Crash when canceling slide show

45 dups total.
lucas: "probably not solvable with the current job management design".
claudio: "caused by the jobs code that is pretty broken; already fixed
in the 'eog-ng' branch. This branch is work in progress and needs more
work in order to be merged to HEAD. It will hardly depend on the help we
get with it."

=> crash while deleting more than 1 bookmark in bookmark-editor

45 dups total.
stacktrace with symbols and line numbers available.
diego took a look at this (comment 25), but is stuck here.

=> crash after theme change [ gtk_style_realize] [ gtk_style_ref]

41 dups total.
stacktrace with symbols and line numbers available.
chpe hasn't been able to find the cause (or even to reproduce this);
according to comment 60 this could be a bugzilla upstream problem.

=> Handle task: and date: uris from command line

this issue blocks double-clicking on the panel clock to open the
calendar with the date or the task clicked. having this fixed would
greatly improve desktop integration.
chenthill is currently reviewing the latest patch provided by nickolay.

=> crash in Terminal.

36 dups in 30 days.
probably needs a better stacktrace, not much info available.

=> crash in Terminal: changing icon theme

53 dups in 30 days.
again, not much info available. perhaps the stacktrace of bug 359614
with symbols and line numbers is a duplicate and could be helpful to get
this fixed.

=> text files listed as application/octet-stream on non local system

this was targetted to GNOME 2.14.x. Christian, does anybody take a look
at this issue? Gicmo has added an excerpt of the SFTP spec to that bug
report that could perhaps be adapted.

=> crash in Ekiga when closing the application

91 dups in 30 days.
not entirely sure if this is a gnome-vfs or ekiga problem.
damien, snark, alex are working on this, but it's apparently hard to
nail down. sebastien could also reproduce the problem but couldn't yet
give more info.

=> crash on assertion in gst_asf_demux_get_var_length

33 dups in 30 days.
stacktrace with symbols and line numbers available.
xavier provided some testcases in comment 35.

=> crash on Open Folder

225 dups in 30 days.
hard to reproduce according to the comments, mostly happens after
upgrading the distribution.

=> crash on Trash

96 dups in 30 days.
some people also reported that this happens when switching themes.
comment 92 provides a stacktrace with symbols and line numbers.
comment 125 states that removing the package gtk2-engines-gtk-qt, gnome
works, while gnome crashes when reinstalling it.

=> crash in Computer: I unmounted a DVD

150 dups in 30 days.
hopefully already fixed by alex (see comment #113).

=> crash in Nautilus CD/DVD Creator

29 dups in 30 days.
pango crashes in nautilus, perhaps an upstream pango bug (see comment
#23 by behdad).



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