Re: Changing applet position on the main panel


On Sat, 2007-07-28 at 11:27 +0930, Michael Gratton wrote:
> Hi Phil,
> On Sat, 2007-07-28 at 11:30 +1000, Phil Rhoades wrote:
> > I quite frequently want to change the positions of applets on the main
> > panel - eg put them into alphabetical order or some other arbitrary
> > order - is this possible? - I couldn't find any way to do it . . 
> Do you mean the things like the window switcher, the volume control and
> the calendar on the panel or the order of menu items in the main menu on
> the panel?
> If the former, then you can drag them around using the middle mouse
> button, or right-clicking and choosing "Move". The applets may be locked
> by default, if so you can unlock them by right-clicking and un-ticking
> "Lock To Panel".
> If the latter, then you can edit the menus by right-clicking on the menu
> on the panel and choosing "Edit Menus", or by firing up the menu editor
> manually (it is usually in Applications > Accessories or System >
> Preferences, but AFAIK this is different per-distro and version of

Thanks for the reply.

I am talking about the task bar panel, so there is no menu to right
click on - eg on this bar/panel I currently have a number of
spreadsheets, docs, browsers, xterms etc running and I want to order
them . . 

Right clicking on this bar/panel allows me to get at "Properties" but
there is nothing there to allow me order the apps . .


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