Re: 2007 (call for volunteers/papers)


Davyd Madeley wrote:
> Hey All,
> We've just received confirmation that is on again for
> 2007 to be held in Sydney in January.
> This year we're hoping to hold a two day event (one developer day,
> one user day), but to do this I NEED YOUR HELP.

You reckon we have enough mojo for a 2 day event? While I'm not really opposed
to it, I do think that we do have a chance of making less impact if we have a
mediocre two days, rather than a heavily rocking one day.

Some of the tenets for Seven this year are -

 * Arrive excited, leave _inspired_.
 * Let's raise the bar, and set a _new standard_.
 * It's about the _magic_ -- of freedom, technology, and community.
 * Our speakers are _rockstars_.
 * We bring people _together_, and not just to the same venue.
 * Sponsors are our _partners_ and members of the community.
 * is a _celebration_ of both tradition, and progress.
 * Our decisions today will shape the _future_ of
 * is _entrusted_ to us by Linux Australia, for the good of
   the community.

Those certainly inspire me to sit down and think about where we want to take it,
and rather than setting out with the requirement to have a 2 day miniconf, we
should take a step back and approach things from a different perspective.

> Additionally, we can't have a without presentations of
> some kind. is a relaxed and informal setting, so if
> anyone wants to gain some presentation experience, is
> the place to get it. I'm going to send out a more informative call
> for papers at some point in the near future, but I wanted to get the
> ball rolling here first.

What do we want to achieve? Where does stand amongst other
calendar events like GUADEC, or the Boston Summit? Where does
stand in - are we just another miniconf? or is there some greater


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