BuildStream 1.1.5 beta released / Feature Freeze is in effect

Hi all,

We are pleased to present to you BuildStream 1.1.5, which is the beta
release of BuildStream leading up to the imminent 1.2 release !

This also marks the feature and API freeze leading up to 1.2.

As Agustin has pointed out in the release timeline email thread last
week[0], we were unfortunately unable to land one of the features we
wanted to in the 1.2 branch.

From the blockers we had planned in the last meetings and BoFs at
GUADEC, we have at least landed the following big and exciting

  o Expire artifacts in the local cache (#135)
  o Support for downloading sources from mirrors (#328)
  o Support for the new include directive (#331)

We were unable to land:

  o Be smarter about running integration commands (#464)

What does Feature/API Freeze mean ?
As I have announced last month[1], the release branch for 1.2.x has
been created early this cycle in order to accomodate feature
development for later releases.

So this freeze does not effect any work being done on the master

However from this point onwards, no new features or APIs can be
introduced onto the bst-1.2 release branch.

As usual, we will be expecting that any bugfixes which fix issues that
are present in the bst-1.2 release branch, not only be fixed in master
but also backported to the bst-1.2 branch.

What is BuildStream ?
BuildStream is a Free Software tool for building/integrating software
stacks. It takes inspiration, lessons and use-cases from various
projects including OBS, Reproducible Builds, Yocto, Baserock,
Buildroot, Aboriginal, GNOME Continuous, JHBuild, Flatpak Builder and
Android repo.

BuildStream supports multiple build-systems (e.g. autotools, cmake,
distutils, make, meson), and can create outputs in a range of formats
(e.g. debian packages, flatpak runtimes, sysroots, system images) for
multiple platforms and chipsets.

buildstream 1.1.5

  o Add a `--tar` option to `bst checkout` which allows a tarball to be
    created from the artifact contents.

  o Fetching and tracking will consult mirrors defined in project config,
    and the preferred mirror to fetch from can be defined in the command
    line or user config.

  o Added new `remote` source plugin for downloading file blobs

  o Add support for the new include '(@)' directive in project.conf and .bst files

 - Chandan Singh
 - Ed Baunton
 - Jonathan Maw
 - Josh Smith
 - Mathieu Bridon
 - Tiago Gomes
 - Tom Pollard
 - Tristan Maat
 - Tristan Van Berkom
 - Valentin David

Where can I get it ?

For more information on the BuildStream project, visit our home page



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