ANNOUNCE: Empathy 3.1.4

Empathy 3.1.4 is now available for download from:

9e236ecf7db52f48d1241093e881fd60  empathy-3.1.4.tar.gz
5f84f2043d14afdf181456aa2c1dea6c  empathy-3.1.4.tar.bz2

What is it?
Empathy is a messaging program which supports text, voice, and video
chat and file transfers over many different protocols.  Empathy is the
default chat client in GNOME, and is based on the Telepathy framework,
making it easier for other GNOME applications to integrate collaboration

You can visit the project web site:

What's New?

 • telepathy-glib ≥ 0.15.3
 • Optional gudev for camera monitoring
 • clutter if building empathy-call

Bugs fixed:
 - Fixed #558942, Dragging whitespace reveals secret contacts (Danielle
 - Fixed #582442, Set video preview on top of remote video (Emilio
Pozuelo Monfort)
 - Fixed #593352, empathy always display scroll bar in conversation
 - Fixed #607557, Calls to bogus JIDs don't give useful error messages
 - Fixed #611789, VoIP toolbar buttons and icons (Emilio Pozuelo
 - Fixed #634809, Call window size is saved with the sidebar but
restored without it (Emilio Pozuelo Monfort)
 - Fixed #639353, Empathy should mirror webcam video stream (Emilio
Pozuelo Monfort)
 - Fixed #652439, Can't open conversation tabs from the contact list if
the conversation is open in the shell (Guillaume Desmottes)
 - Fixed #653116, Display aliases in the Who column (Emilio Pozuelo
 - Fixed #653175, MUC chats show up as "Chat with <contact>" (Emilio
Pozuelo Monfort)
 - Fixed #653341, Expand events when clicking on them (Emilio Pozuelo
 - Fixed #653760, Refresh logs when new stuff happens
 - Fixed #653803, EmpathyLogWindow should be a GtkWindow
 - Fixed #654015, empathy-chat asserts with adium themes in
tp_escape_as_identifier (Guillaume Desmottes)
 - Fixed #654256, empathy crashed with SIGSEGV in
tp_proxy_get_object_path() (Emilio Pozuelo Monfort)
 - Fixed #654419, Chat history for Facebook lacks name of friend but
shows ids
 - Fixed #654541, Default save location for debug reports is /tmp (Rob
 - Fixed #654552, IRC configuration should expose 'username', and
probably have an 'advanced' section. (Rob Sharp)
 - Fixed #654611, Should request Call channels by default when built
with Call support (Emilio Pozuelo Monfort)
 - Fixed #654669, Spelling suggestions not offered from Menu key
(Danielle Madeley)

 - Updated es Translation (Jorge González, Daniel Mustieles)
 - Updated gl Translation (Fran Dieguez)
 - Updated he Translation (Yaron Shahrabani)
 - Updated lv Translation (Rudolfs Mazurs)
 - Updated nb Translation (Kjartan Maraas)
 - Updated pa Translation (A S Alam)
 - Updated sl Translation (Matej Urbančič)
 - Updated sv Translation (Daniel Nylander)

26 July 2011
Empathy team

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