Flickr Remote Organizer for GNOME (frogr) 0.4


Frogr 0.4 is finally out.

* What is it ?

Flickr Remote Organizer for GNOME (frogr) intends to be a complete
application to remotely manage a flickr account from the GNOME desktop.

At this moment frogr is basically a flickr uploader for GNOME, but the
plan is to iteratively evolve it towards a complete flickr manager which
should allow things such as modifying properties for already uploaded
pictures, managing flickr albums an so forth.

This new 0.4 release is the first release after moving the project to
the GNOME infrastructure [1] and introduces quite a lot of new features
that should make frogr a more complete and competent GNOME application
for the average Flickr user. At least, it works pretty well for me :-)

This project is Free Software and published under the terms of the GNU
Public License v3.

* What's new in 0.4 ?

Trying to wrap up the extensive list in the NEWS file, these are the
most important changes in frogr 0.4:

 * Fixed capitalization problems (Philip Withnall).
 * Use Unicode ellipsis instead of three dots (Philip Withnall).
 * Allow compiling with gtk 3.0 by passing --with-gtk=3.0.
 * Raised minimum version required fo GTK+ from 2.12 up to 2.14.
 * Removed dependency from libgnome.
 * Added new man page (Alberto Garcia).
 * Fixed slow startup. No longer wait for albums to be loaded.
 * New settings dialog to pre-set some values.
 * Support for HTTP proxies, through libsoup's API.
 * Renamed "Albums" to "Sets".
 * Support for creating new sets right from frogr.
 * Allow adding pictures to group pools, not just to user albums.
 * Allow changing sorting order in 'add to album/group' dialogs.
 * Support for seamlessly handling multiple accounts.
 * Auto-completion in 'tags' entries.
 * Allow setting 'content type' and 'safety level'.
 * Allow setting pictures to 'show up on global search results'.
 * Remove pictures from UI as soon as they get uploaded.
 * Better reporting progress to the users for time consuming operations.
 * Allow specifying a list of pictures to be loaded from command line.
 * Register frogr as image mime types handler, so it's possible to
   load pictures on it from other applications (e.g. nautilus or eog).
 * Improved keyboard usability by adding mnemonics, making text views  
   not to accept tab and enabling the menu key in the icon view.
 * Nine new translations.
 * As usual, lots of bugfixes and several minor improvements.

For more details, check out the git log, or just the NEWS file:

* Where can I get it ?

  * Source code:
size: 344K
size: 280K

  * Upstream code in git repository at
    git clone git://

  * Distro-specific packages available in the web of the project [1]:

* Translation updates

Updated translations:
* Spanish (es)

New translations:
* British English (en_GB)
* French (fr)
* Swedish (sv)
* Galician (gl)
* German (de)
* Slovenian (sl)
* Italian (it)
* Czech (cs)
* Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR)

* Thanks to contributors

  * Alberto Garcia (debian packaging)
  * Daniel Mustieles (Spanish translation)
  * Jorge González (Spanish translation)
  * Philip Withnall (British English, UI patches)
  * Alexandre Franke (French translation)
  * Claude Paroz (French translation)
  * Daniel Nylander (Swedish translation)
  * Fran Diéguez (Galician translation)
  * Mario Blättermann (German translation)
  * Matej Urbančič (Slovenian translation)
  * Saša Batistič (Slovenian translation)
  * Cristian Marchi (Italian translation)
  * Marek Černocký (Czech translation)
  * Mateus Zenaide (Brazilian Portuguese translation)

Thanks also to all the people who helped move the project to the GNOME
infrastructure, and specially to Claudio Saavedra, who helped a lot with
tons of (good) ideas as well as by extensively testing the application.



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