dconf 0.7.2

hi everyone;

dconf 0.7.2 is out today.



  35fc51ef893dc3951bfc7abaee6adb8b77e501274b3a5292ed03db4e685ef03c  dconf-0.7.2.tar.bz2
  722ec9439d9b54f791dd4b729bf7d6ae4ba52c9dbe096b35ad88e64665e628ac  dconf-0.7.2.tar.gz

Changes in dconf 0.7.2

This is entirely a cleanup/fixes release.  Some fixes here to make the
increasingly-strict toolchain happy, and also some fixes for some
crashers in the GSettings backend and service.

 - remove some unused variables (new GCC gives a warning: #640566, another)
 - add a mutex to fix multi-threading issue (#640611)
 - don't crash if we have no D-Bus
 - clean up symbol exports
 - fix a crash in the service when using 'reset'
 - drop old linker options that were for libtool

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