ANNOUNCE: Nanny 2.31.1 released

what is it?
Nanny is an easy way to control what your kids are doing in
the computer. You can limit how much time a day each one of them is
browsing the web, chatting or doing email. You can also decide at which
times of the day the can do this things.

Nanny filters what web pages are seen by each user, so you can
block all undesirable webs and have your kids enjoy the internet
with ease of mind, no more worries!

what's changed in 2.31.1?

* Win32 support for nanny (windows xp and 7)
* New blacklist system
* Remove nanny blacklist manager
* Integration of the blacklist manager in nanny admin console

- cs, courtesy of Marek Černocký
- de, courtesy of Mario Blättermann
- es, courtesy of Daniel Mustieles
- es, courtesy of Roberto Majadas
- fr, courtesy of Alain Lojewski
- fr, courtesy of Claude Paroz
- gl, courtesy of Fran Diéguez
- he, courtesy of Yaron Shahrabani
- hu, courtesy of Gabor Kelemen
- pl, courtesy of Piotr Drąg
- ro, courtesy of Lucian Adrian Grijincu
- sl, courtesy of Andrej Žnidaršič
- sl, courtesy of Matej Urbančič
- zh_CN, courtesy of Yinghua Wang

Thanks guys !! you are awesome !! :)

where can i get it?
you can get it by pressing here!

what does it look like?
take a look here!

where can i find out more?
you can visit the project web site:

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