ANNOUNCE: Zeitgeist 0.3.2

Zeitgeist 0.3.2 - Shadowy Rumble

On behalf of the Zeitgeist Project team, I am pleased to announce the immediate
availability of Zeitgeist 0.3.2. This is the third development release, leading up
to what will be our stable 0.4 series. It introduces bug fixes and other performance 
optimizations to work with GNOME Activity Journal.

What is Zeitgeist?
Zeitgeist is an event-logging framework for desktop and mobile devices.
Applications can push events into the log, and anyone can query the log
via the rich query API. The logged events are semantically categorized
and can come from any sort of activity, such as file usage,
communications, and browsing history, etc. The Zeitgeist engine is a
user-level service and does not have a GUI. It is intended to support
dedicated journaling applications aand deep integration with other 
desktop components.

About Zeitgeist:

News since 0.3.1

 * Added FindEvents, optimized shorthand for GetEvents(FindEventIds(...)).
 * Fixed DeleteEvents and make it ignore bad requests.
 * Fixed GetEvents not to raise an exception when called with an empty list.
 * ZeitgeistClient.get_version() now returns a Python list.
 * Some code refactoring, documentation changes and other little fixes.
Seif Lotfy

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