ANNOUNCE: GNOME Activity Journal 0.3.2

GNOME Activity Journal 0.3.2 - Luciana's Tricycle

On behalf of the Zeitgeist Project team, after 1 year, 3 months, and 9 days since the first prototype, I am proud to announce the first development release of GNOME Activity Journal, codenamed "Luciana's Tricycle".

What is GNOME Activity Journal?
GNOME Activity Journal is not a File Browser but an Activity Browser. It uses the Zeitgeist Framework to display what you did, and introduces a better way to quickly find the things you were doing.

About Zeitgeist:


 * Pretty layout
 * Pinning (marking) items
 * Calendar slider (quickly move forwards/back in time)
 * Preview tooltips


 * Tracker-based search

Features in progress for future releases:

 * Display web browsing history in the journal
 * Search and interaction
 * Tags
 * Detailed single-day view showing relationships between files
 * Removing activities from the journal

Call for translators:
The project is still very low on translations. We'd really appreciate translation contributions so more people will be able to start using Zeitgeist.

Seif Lotfy

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