ANNOUNCE: nautilus-python 0.6.1

The new release is available at

Overview of changes in 0.6.1:
    - Look for instead of, the latter
    is general available from -devel packages only.
    - Re-added the missing spec and pc files
    - Free pygobject data directly after using file objects.  Stops seg
    faults from occurring when nautilus wants to free pygobject data
    after Py_Finalize() is called.

    Nautilus-python provides python bindings for the Nautilus File Manager's
    extension framework.  Using nautilus-python, developers can easily extend
    nautilus in python by adding context menu items, additional columns, and
    property pages, amongst other things.

nautilus-python requires:
    nautilus >= 2.22.0
    pygtk >= 2.8.0
    gnome-python >= 2.12.0
    pygobject >= 2.16.0
    python >= 2.3.5

Bug reports should be made in GNOME's bugzilla:

Git Repository:

Adam Plumb

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