gnome-applets 2.27.3

Its only a few days late this time, get it from:

 - Callum

Changes in GNOME-Applets 2.27.3

Note that the ChangeLog is now automatically updated from the git
logs. This should correct the missing entries for the last release.

 - Use of NetworkManager can now be turned off via the
   --disable-networkmanager argument to configure (Romain Perier, 578951).
 - Use quadrigraphs in messages to reduce quoting (Callum
 - Add support for the pulse website to our documentatio (Paul Cutler,
Character Picker:
 - Accurate documentation about adding palettes (Lucas Lommer, 584238).
Sticky Notes:
 - Don't close the prefs dialog when a check-mark is toggled (Sergey
   Rudchenko, 567477).
Weather Applet:
 - Fix network state detection (Matthias Clasen, 579098).

Translation Updates:
 Bengali, Estonian, Hebrew, Hindi, Norwegian bokmål, Spanish, Tamil

Documentation Translation Updates:
 Chinese, Czech

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