ANNOUNCE: libvtemm 0.20.3 released

libvtemm is C++ API for vte - a terminal emulator widget.

libvtemm 0.20 wraps vte 0.20 API.




discussion about libvtemm:
mailing list - gtkmm-list gnome org
irc - c++ channel on (but I rarely sit there - I'm shy.)

changes since 0.20.2:
generally speaking: API and ABI are broken:
- API version is bumped to 1.1, so this version is parallel installable
with 0.20.2 and earlier.
- deprecated methods, classes and enums were removed.
- some methods/signals have changed prototypes.
- more in NEWS (not much) and Changelog/git log.

dependencies are written in README.

Krzesimir Nowak

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