gnome-bluetooth 2.27.6


gnome-bluetooth 2.27.6, the Bluetooth utilities for the GNOME desktop
has just had a new release.

Plenty of changes for people to test. The wizard and applet in
particular have seen a lot of changes since the previous release.

Bugs go to the GNOME Bugzilla, discussions should go to the
gnome-bluetooth mailing-list.


List of changes in gnome-bluetooth 2.27.6:
        - Use a better tooltip for the applet
        - Add "Send File" and "Browse files" menu item for devices
          that support it
        - Add menu items to call the preferences for mice and keyboards
        - Fix assertions when removing a device, and pairing it again
          without the applet being restarted
        - Don't show "Connect" for devices without input or audio
        - Support notification-daemon without any support for actions,
          as used in Ubuntu
        - Pass the device name to bluetooth-sendto
        - Rework UI of all the pairing helper dialogues

        - Fix the adapter page not showing up when restarting bluetoothd
        - Add --dump debug option, to dump a list of all known devices
          and their properties

        - Fix warning when sending an empty file
        - Remove use of red labels on errors
        - Remove obex-data-server support, and require obexd
        - Try harder to get a device name

        - Fix handling for devices that use random passkeys, but 
          can't handle 6 digits (such as Sony CMT-DH5BT)
        - Add Simple Pairing support
        - Try harder to connect to devices after pairing them, fixes
          the Microsoft Wireless Notebook Presenter Mouse 8000 not 
          working straight after pairing
        - Allow skipping name resolution when we would be using
          a fixed passkey
        - Don't allow stepping back in the middle of pairing
        - Add more instructions on the front page
        - Many many UI changes

        - Allow getting arbitrary data from the backend for 
          BluetoothChooser users
        - Only export the supported symbols in the library
        - Add plugin support, so third-party applications can 
          be setup, for a particular device, from the preferences
          or the wizard
        - Replace the search button with a "Searching" label and spinner

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