Sabayon 2.29.2 "Frozen Monday" is released

Dear lovers of rotational episodes at melting-point,

Sabayon 2.29.2 has just been released.  This version's big news is that
Sabayon now has a manual!  Scott Balneaves and Phillipe Tonguet are the
authors, so you can send them beer at your discretion.



What is Sabayon?

Sabayon is a tool which system administrators can use to pre-configure
GNOME desktops for many users.  With Sabayon, sysadmins can set
configuration values, put files in the users' desktops, and lock down
certain settings (for example, to say that users should not be able to
change their HTTP proxy).

Sabayon tries to integrate all the configuration parameters which a
sysadmin would like to make within a GNOME desktop, even for common
applications like and Mozilla Firefox which are not
designed explicitly with GNOME in mind.

Release notes


    * Fixed some race conditions in

  New features:

    * Added a manual.  Needs much more love, but it's a starting
      point.  Translators, start your engines.


    * Ivar Smolin
    * Kjartan Maraas
    * Liel Fridman
    * Tao Wei
    * Gil Forcada
    * Thomas Thurman
    * Laurent Dhima
    * Daniel Nylander
    * Gabor Kelemen
    * Takayuki Kusano
    * Antón Méixome
    * Matej Urbančič
    * Jorge González

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