outage: Dec 12, 13

Red Hat is currently in the process of consolidating all its community
hosted servers to a single hosting facility. As part of that,
the servers are being moved *this weekend*. 

You plan on doing something other than working on GNOME this weekend, or
find a programming task that doesn't rely on access to GNOME servers.


Start:              Sat, Dec 12 approx. 1200 UTC
End:   on or before Mon, Dec 14

The plan is for a 48 hour outage window; we would hope to have major
services back up and functional sooner than that.

Affected systems
Most services other than and This

IP Changes

The servers will all be moving to new IP addresses; in general
this will be invisible to users, but you might notice messages from SSH
in some cases. Selected new IPs:

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