Sawfish 1.6.0 Release Candidate 1

Hi all,

Sawfish 1.6.0 is going to be released on the 22nd December.

Feature Freeze began on the 4th December, so now it's time for the RC1.


Happy Hacking,

List of Changes since 1.5.0:


   * The 1.6.0 release has new features and bugfixes

   * Build and installation changes
        - New/Updated requirements:
             + librep 0.90.0 -> 0.90.4

             + rep-gtk 0.18.4 -> 0.90.0

        - Removed requirements: LibAudiofile and ESounD

        - Mouse buttons 6 - 9 support is now optional

          Support for 6 - 9 mouse buttons is now optional.
          X.Org/XFree86 headers only define up to 5 buttons, and we use
          a working but somewhat hackish workaround for getting buttons
          6 - 9 which is suspected to cause some problems with
          modifiers. Support for them is enabled by default. If you
          want to disable it, add the following flag to configure:


          If you drop it, then you can't use mouse button 8 to, for
          example, drag windows.

   * Incompatible user visible changes:
        - Configurator's binary, `sawfish-ui', is renamed to
          `sawfish-config' [Christopher Bratusek]

          Its window class is changed to `sawfish-configurator' /
          `Sawfish-Configurator', too. The lisp module is renamed from
          `sawfish.ui' to `sawfish.cfg'.

        - Infinite Desktop boundary behavior and option

          In `infinite-desktop', the option to specify the boundary
          behavior has changed. If `viewport-boundary-mode' is
          `dynamic', then you can go as far as you like. Otherwise, it
          stops at the workspace boundary of which size is specified by
          `viewport-dimensions'. Now the latter is the default. See also
          "dynamic viewport" described below.

          The previous variable,
          `infinite-desktop.stop-at-workspace-borders', which is used
          for this purpose, no longer exists.

        - User config file changes

          In Sawfish < 1.6, `sawfish.wm.defaults' is loaded by default,
          only if the `~/.sawfishrc' lacks. Now, it is always read, so
          you don't have to `require' it. It sets up GNOME and KDE
          support if they run, and does `(require

          Since Sawfish 1.5 `~/.sawmillrc' is no longer a valid
          resoucefil.  From this version on, Sawfish will rename
          `~/.sawmillrc' to `~/.sawfishrc', if the former does exist on
          your system, but the latter doesn't.

        - In configurator, the "Matched Windows" group has been renamed
          to "Window Rules"

        - Sound support has changed. [Christopher Bratusek]

          Sawfish used to rely on esound and libaudiofile to play
          sound, but we stopped it. If you want sound, set the variable
          `play-sample-program' to the path of the program capable of
          playing *.wav file. You can set the variable from the
          Configurator, too.

          You can't set any arguments to pass from this variable. If
          you want to give arguments or redirect output, write a wrapper
          program. (*note FAQ::, "Sound support" section.)

        - GNOME integration updates [Christopher Bratusek]

          Gnome support is trimmed down. All we offer now is as follows:

          If GNOME runs, in `session' submenu under Sawfish root menu,
          logout and shutdown from GNOME are added. Don't remove `quit'
          and `restart' from menu now. Gnome help is available in menu.

          Unless set by user, gnome terminal and gnome help browser are
          used for user options `xterm-program' and `browser-program'.

          Most of dropped GNOME integrations are ancient, mainly for
          1.x and early 2.x. Files `lisp/sawfish/wm/commands/gnome.jl'
          and `lisp/sawfish/wm/state/gnome.jl' are deleted.

          GNOME-Detection is updated. [Alexey I. Froloff]

        - Xterm and browser changes

          Module `sawfish.wm.commands.xterm' is renamed to
          `sawfish.wm.commands.launcher'. Option `xterm-args' is
          dropped. If you use it, simply append the value to

          Customization group is changed from `misc' to `External

          The functinon `display-url' is renamed to `browser', now
          defined in the module cited above. Variable
          `display-url-command' is renamed to `browser-program'.

   * Poweroff actions

     Added poweroff command for letting none KDE/GNOME users easily
     reboot, halt, suspend or hibernate their machine. The commands
     beeing used to do so are also user-settable. In addition, when
     it's used to reboot or halt, when we call the `before-exit-hook'
     and `map-windows delete-window' before actually rebooting or
     halting, to ensure everything is fine on the next startup.
     Furthermore entries to the session-menu are beeing added. If
     you're using KDE or GNOME then those are not generated.

   * Bugs fixed:
        - Prevents crashes for quick window destructions, especially
          under high load

          There have been crashes if a window is destroyed soon after
          its creation.  It happens in `add_window' function, and the
          cause is guessed to be garbage collection following window
          destruction before the object access.

          Now most parts of `add_window' are protected from garbage
          collection with `rep_PUSHGC' / `rep_POPGC'. It also prevents
          `add_window_hook' from being called with uninitialised
          argument.  [Timo Korvola, Janek Kozicki]

        - Random window disapperance prevention

          There're reports of sudden, random window disapperance, under
          Xinerama and some other drivers. It is partly prevented, but
          not completely.

          Now in error_handler() in src/display.c, when a window sends
          request_code 12 (X_ConfigureWindow), don't auto-assume it to
          be unmapped. [Janek Kozicki]

        - Build and Installation:
             + Library check: Fix in `SMlib' and `libICE' check on
               x11r7 [Christopher Bratusek]

             + `.desktop' files fixes: typos fix and removed unneeded
               entries [Christopher Bratusek]

             + In spec file, fixed repexecdir definition [Christopher

             + In `po/', fixed wrong call of make-pot
               [Christopher Bratusek]

             + Build the FAQ upon make [Christopher Bratusek]

             + Expand REP_ENVIRON in scripts/ [Luis Rodrigo
               Gallardo Cruz]

             + Add `--tag=CC' to libtool where necessary. It unbrakes
               compilation on some arches [Gentoo Linux]

             + Use $prefix/lib instead of $prefix/libexecdir, to satify
               the FHS [Christopher Bratusek]

        - In configurator,

          Strings are fully translatable [Alexey I. Froloff]

          SpinButton listens to manual value change. (It's connected to
          correct signal.)  [Christoper Bratusek]

          Position parameters can be negative [Christopher Bratusek,
          Teika Kazura]

        - Fixed Focus issues with KDE4 Menu/Run-Dialog [Timo Korvola]

        - Fix cursor warping in Infinite-Desktop [Jeremy Hankins]

        - Fixed group of the stagger options [Christopher Bratusek]

        - Fixed a call of `select-workspace-from-first' [Michal Maruška]

        - In `Simple' theme, windows are now resizable from right
          border [Christopher Bratusek]

        - Missing exports are now supplied, for shrink-yank functions
          and `send-to-workspace'. [Christopher Bratusek]

        - Commands `maximize-window-fullscreen' and
          `maximize-window-fullxinerame' work. [Teika kazura]

        - Variable `this-command' is `nil' outside of command call.

        - Customization option `uniconify-to-current-viewport' is valid
          again. [Teika kazura]

   * New features:
        - New application menu [Matthew Love, Timo Korvola]

          Sawfish now generates application menu automatically, by
          reading `/usr/share/applications/*.desktop' files. If you set
          `apps-menu', then it won't be done. If you like to have both
          your own applications menu and auto generated one, then set
          your own in `user-apps-menu' instead of `apps-menu'.

          Root and Window-History menus are revamped, too. [Christopher

          Now you can reboot and shutdown your computer from the root
          menu -> "session", but the user needs the appropriate
          privilege. For a way to do so, see *Note FAQ::, "Reboot and
          shutdown privilege" section.

        - Added options to change the font color of window title,
          independent of used theme [Matthew Love, Christopher
          Bratusek, Timo Korvola]

          Internally, a new function `remove-frame-part-value' which
          allows to change/remove values from frame-parts is used.
          [Timo Korvola]

        - Sawfish does now support theme-tarballs compressed with XZ
          (aka LZMA2) and LZMA [Christopher Bratusek]

        - Xinerama support for Grow/Pack [Nolan Leake]

          Make grow/pack Xinerama aware. The support still remains
          basic.  Shrink-yank doesn't yet.

        - Window rules can be set by lisp

          Window rules (former "matched windows") can easily be set from
          configurator, but it can now be set by lisp, too, with
          `add-window-matcher' function. For the details, *Note Window
          Rules by Matching::. An example usage is like this:

               (add-window-matcher '((WM_NAME . "^root$")
                                     (WM_CLASS . "^XTerm/xterm$"))
                                   '((ignore-program-position . t)
                                     (maximize . vertical)))

          In fact, this function has existed, but now it can now
          specify both window name and class, and the grammar has
          changed. The old syntax is still allowed, but deprecated.

        - Keymap translation [Scott Scriven]

          Sawfish can "translate" keymaps for each window. Suppose you
          have the following lines in your `~/.sawfish/rc':

                       '((WM_NAME . "^Terminal$"))
                       '(keymap-trans . (("C-n" "C-S-t")
                                         ("C-w" "C-S-w"))))

          Then, when you press `C-n', any windows with name "Terminal"
          receive `C-S-t', and so on.

          This is part of window rules, but it cannot be set by
          configurator yet.

        - New window rules
             + Maximizations `fullscreen' and `full-xinerama' are
               available (*note Maximizing Without Borders::) [Jeremy

             + Window position can also be specified by the direction,
               like north or east, instead of the coordinates. [Jeremy

             + New placement modes `new-workspace' and `new-viewport'
               [Jeremy Hankins]

               If `new-workspace' is chosen, then the window is put in
               an empty workspace, or a new workspace is created if
               none. A workspace with sticky windows only are
               considered empty. `new-viewport' is the same but an
               empty viewport is chosen. If none is, the workspace is
               enlarged, and the window is put in a new viewport.

             + `window-name' can change the window's name. [Christopher

        - New commands [Christopher Bratusek]

          5 new move-cursor commands, 4 diagonals and 1 to center.
          (*note Pointer Functions::

          Three window manipulation commands, `double-window-size',
          `halve-window-size', and `move-window-center'.

          `browser' invokes a browser instance.

        - New funcitons `rename-window' changes the window name. [from
          "mmc" fork, Christopher Bratusek]

          In practice, it works, but technically speaking, the window
          name is not supposed to be changed in ICCCM.

          `viewport-windows' returns windows in a viewport. [Jeremy

          `get-window-by-class' and `get-window-by-class-re'
          [Christopher Bratusek]

        - Dynamic Viewport Mode [Jeremy Hankins]

          When you set `viewport-boundary-mode' to `dynamic', then the
          workspace grows and shrinks dynamically so that it contains
          all windows and the current viewport. For the details, *Note
          Dynamic Viewport::.

        - KDE integration module [Christopher Bratusek]

          KDE is automatically detected. KDE help, and KDE logout,
          shutdown, and reboot are provided in the menu. In KDE4 WM
          Selector, Sawfish is added.

          Unless set by user, konsole and konqueror are used for user
          options `xterm-program' and `browser-program'.

        - New Frame Classes [Christopher Bratusek]
          A "frame class" defines frame component. There's no user
          visible changes.

             + `sticky-button', a button to toggle window `sticky' or

             + `lock-button', a button to toggle window position `fixed'

             + `rename-button', a button to rename the window-title and
               window-icon properties (not ICCCM compliant)

             + `move-resize-button', a button to perform various move
               and resize actions on a window

             + `raise-lower-button', a button to perform various
               raising and lowering actions on a window

   * Widget Transistion [Christopher Bratusek]
        - Custom make-url-widget replaced by GtkLinkButton

        - Custom about-dialog replaced by GtkAboutDialog

        - GtkButton + GtkPreview + GtkColorSelection trio replaced by
          single GtkColorButton

   * Other Changes:
        - Startup window placement improvement [Jeremy Hankins]

          At Sawfish startup including restart, maximized windows and
          position specified windows used to mess up viewport, appearing
          in wrong viewports. It is fixed.

        - Renamed `after-add-window' to `maxmize-after-add-window'
          This function is only used in a hook [Teika Kazura]

        - Don't let `cycle-class' and `cycle-class-backwards' ignore
          WINDOW-ORDER [Daniel M. German]

        - Docks/panels are unframed, and window type is set to `dock'
          [Timo Korvola]

        - You can exit from sawfish-client with `,quit' (also `C-d'),
          unlike `C-c' it won't kill the WM [Teika Kazura, Timo Korvola]

        - Number widget (GtkSpinButton) can take optional initial value
          [Teika Kazura]

        - `raise-tabs-on-hover' takes effect immediately now
          [Christopher Bratusek]

        - Inactive windows in Crux theme do now have black text for
          better readability [Christopher Bratusek]

        - With new option `customize-redirect', configurator's output
          can be redirected. [Teika Kazura]

        - Grow/Pack and Shrink/Yank options are in the same group now
          [Christopher Bratusek]

          These commands are now available from window operation menu,

        - When moving a window the cursor shape is now `hand2', when
          resizing `crosshair' [Christopher Bratusek]

        - In the theme document in the configurator, the cursor is
          invisible and the wrap mode is set to word-char [Christopher

        - Build, installation and source
             + Improved ebuild [Christopher Bratusek]

             + Encoding is unified to utf-8 for all distributed files
               [Teika Kazura]

             + Squashed all byte compiler warnings [Matthew Love]
               Some warnings are superfluous, though.

             + To info file `dir' the section `sawfish' is added upon
               installation [Luis Rodrigo Gallardo Cruz]

             + Distclean rule for po/ [Christopher Bratusek]

             + Removed ancient sawmill removal fragments from Makefile
               [Christopher Bratusek]

             + Block comments in lisp files are now semicolons
               Sorry, without reason. Block comment remains allowed.

        - Docs
             + Added man-pages for `sawfish', `sawfish-client' and
               `sawfish-config' [Debian]

             + News items for 1.5.0 are rewritten in a more readable
               fashion [Teika Kazura]

             + Info manual updates [Christopher Bratusek, Jeremy
               Hankins, Teika Kazura]

             + Added new contributors to `THANKS' section of
               `CONTRIBUTING' [Christopher Bratusek]

             + Updated OPTIONS [Christopher Bratusek]

             + Fixed the license header of tabbed-windowing files
               [Christopher Bratusek]

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