Muine 0.8.10 Release


The Muine lovers are proud to announce the 0.8.10 release.


- Notifications using libnotify [Wouter Bolsterlee, Iain Holmes]
- Improve tray icon usuability [Ryan Lortie, Luis Medinas]
- Make handling of full albums configurable [Diego Escalante Urrelo]
- Remember window position between restarts [Adolfo Blásquez]
- Fix .desktop file validation [Wouter Bolsterlee]
- Use system inotify headers [Adrian Bunk, Luis Medinas]
- Missing libid3tag checks in configure [Peter Adolphs]
- Remove internal NDesk-DBus from the tree [Luis Medinas]

Updated translations:
- Arabic [Djihed Afifi]
- Dutch [Wouter Bolsterlee]
- Polish [Tomasz Dominikowski]

Since 0.8.9 release wasn't announced this are the release notes:


- Updated Tango-style icons [Hylke Bons]
- Improved FLAC detection [Wouter Bolsterlee]
- Don't wakeup the CPU unnecessarily [Wouter Bolsterlee]
- Build fixes for newer GLib and GTK+ [Wouter Bolsterlee]

Updated translations:
- Basque [Inaki Larranaga Murgoitio]
- Brazilian Portuguese [Jonh Wendell ]
- French [Ivan Buresi, Robert-André Mauchin]
- Japanese [Takeshi AIHANA]
- Nepali [Pawan Chitrakar]
- Occitan [Yannig Marchegay]
- Polish [Artur Flinta]

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