ANNOUNCE: Gcalctool 5.24.2

The GCalctool team is proud to announce the second update in the
stable GNOME 2.24 series.

This release contains the following changes since 5.24.1:

    * Re-enable trigonometric types which have been disabled since
2.24.0 (Robert Ancell, Bug #559575)

    * Remember setting to ignore change mode warning between instances
(Robert Ancell, Bug #556407)

    * Always read configuration from /apps/gcalctool not /apps/(appname) as
      the application name is different when symlinked (Matt Keenan,
Bug #559260).

    * Open help with gtk_show_uri() (Thomas Andersen, Bug #556207).

    * Removed double conversion in boolean and 32 bit and 16 bit mask
operations so
      they can handle larger numbers (Robert Ancell, Bug #509988)

    * Updated translations: et (Ivar Smolin), pt_BR (Leonardo Ferreira
Fontenelle), uk (Maxim Dziumanenko).

The release is available from:

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