[ANNOUNCE] rep-gtk 0.18.3

Hi all,

here's a new official release of rep-gtk, a libgnome/libgnomeui/libgnomecanvas and gtk binding to rep. (glade binding is broken)


        - fixed the broken GtkCombo() Widgets
        - fixed an issue with autoconf on RedHat

        - fixups in configure.in
        - updated BUGS, README and HACKING
        - removed functions no longer available in GTK 2.4+
        - spec-file does now install all examples into the doc-dir

        - started code-cleanup
        - added a .pc file
        - added ATK-Accessibility Support (Thanks to Shobbit Marthur)
        - added Status-Icon Widget (Thanks to Wang Diancheng)
        - bumped gtk req to 2.6, glib req to 2.6 and glade req to 2.4
        - dropped an function no longer available in GTK 2.5+
        - added --tag=CC to libtool where nessacary
        - renamed some of the Makefile targets (cvsclean -> svnclean a.s.o)
        - updated the spec file
        - ported the example glade files to glade2

Have Fun!


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