[ANNOUNCE] librep 0.17.2

Hi all,

here's a new official release of librep, a lisp-like language, used as the base of sawfish.


   * fixups for configure.in
   * updated BUGS, HACKING and README
   * define inline if undefined (fixes compiler warnings)
   * create the destination directory for the .pc file before
     installing it
   * fixed in issue with FreeBSD in numbers.c [FreeBSD patch]
   * improved a function of numbers.c [FreeBSD patch]
   * rep_file_fdopen has not been listed in librep.sym
   * added -tag=CC to libtool in several places
   * don't ignore $LDFLAGS upon build
   * dropped some useless code in sdbm.c
   * make sure inline is defined

   * started code-cleanup
   * added a .pc file
   * added -no-split to makeinfo [FreeBSD patch]
   * added -enable-paranoia to configure [compile with CFLAGS+="-Wall
   * updated the spec file
   * replaced a static void by a void in main.c [Debian patch]
   * use correct shebang in rep-xgettext.jl [ALT-Linux patch]
   * trim trailing / to mkdir(2) [NetBSD patch]

Have Fun!


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