RSS-GLib - 0.2.2

* What is it?

RSS-GLib is a library for accessing RSS and Atom syndications in a
simple and easy to consume manner.

RSS-GLib uses libmrss under the hood but provides an easier API and
bindings to multiple languages.

* Features:

   - Only three types to concern yourself with:
     RssParser, RssDocument, and RssItem.
   - Bindings for Vala
   - Bindings for Python
   - Bindings for Mono

* RSS-GLib 0.2.2

   - Add Mono bindings [Christian Hergert]
   - Python configure fixes [Ross Burton]
   - API cleanup [Ross Burton]
   - Documentation fixes [Ross Burton]
   - Add pointer to private in instance [Emmanuele Bassi]
   - Fill out all the introspection fields [Emmanuele Bassi]
   - Add getter methods for properties [Emmanuele Bassi]

* Where can I get it?

Home page:

Source code:


RSS-GLib requires:

   - libmrss  >= 0.18
   - glib-2.0 >= 2.15

   Python bindings:
       - Python >= 2.2

   Vala bindings:
       - vala >= 0.3.5

   Mono bindings:
       - mono >= 1.2.6

Please report bugs as well as success or failure stories to
bugs dronelabs com

Christian Hergert <chris dronelabs com>

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