[ANNOUNCE] brasero-0.8.3 released


brasero 0.8.3 has been released.

Again the focus has been bug fixing but some features were added:
- allow use of remote files
- drives are now probed asynchronously and may not popup immediatly but brasero starts faster
- some parts of GUI were revisited (in particular the burn option dialogs)

Also there is a new nautilus extension which can be installed in parallel with NCB.

#558343 – Cover Editor accessibility issue.
#558469 – Audio CD cloning fails but brasero reports success
#558207 – Labels in start page of New Audio Disc is not accessible to screen reader.
#557810 – Video Project Compute File size Hang
#556725 – command line option for video projects
#557833 – Brasero Graphical Interaface Disappears after simulate & during writing
#556874 – Error is shown when trying to select an image file to burning
#556146 – brasero crashed with SIGSEGV in g_main_context_dispatch()
#556724 – Brasero main GUI appears after closing the dialog when opening an ISO file using Nautilus
#555860 – Brasero fails make distcheck
#547395 – Support for remote filesystems
#556449 – Session error : Insufficient space on media when copying an audio CD (same problem with trunk)
#552811 – crash after delete used directory
#551051 – Brasero shows absurdly large %-done when burning a symlink-to-ISO
#555776 – Brasero will fail to get disck information on big-endian machines
#555703 – brasero delete original files in VIDEO_TS folder
#535330 – Volume label should be part of the project
#550526 – Wrong drive's speed displayed
#553349 – Cannot burn a .m3u playlist file when the logical steps below are followed
#465175 – Location field not working
#547874 – Unable to choose order audio tracks in a Audio CD project
#554722 – Main window does not fit on a 600px vertical screen (netbooks)
#552834 – burning image file fails
#554292 – brasero crashed with SIGSEGV in brasero_mkisofs_base_write_to_files()
#550050 – First run dialog after burn
#549852 – Data DVD+RW detected badly as multisession
#538298 – Burn image dialog history
#547731 – warn idiot users ...

And many other bugs that were fixed before they were reported in bugzilla.

Thanks to all the people who contributed to this release through patches, translations, advices, artwork and bug reports.

NOTE for translators: I'm sorry if we didn't give any notice about our plans. I've just become father again and I simply forgot.
So to make sure this doesn't happen again here are the plans for upcoming releases.
1st we'd like to fix/review all strings since some are broken, redundant ... so please file bugs about anything that seems fishy; then we'll branch brasero for 0.9.0 and target GTK+ 2.14.

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