bug-buddy 2.25.1 released


I just released version 2.25.1 of bug-buddy, codename "The Feel-Good

You can grab the tarball as usual from:

This is the first version of the new 2.25 development cycle, and some
new features have been checked in since the branch time; so any testing
and bug reporting is welcome!

Here's a brief summary of the most important changes since 2.24.1

2.25.1 ("The Feel-Good vibe")
  * Drop libgnome and libgnomeui dependencies.
  * Make google-breakpad support optional (but enabled by default).
    Thanks to Sjoerd Simons.
  * Obtain the real path of the crashed process by looking in /proc.
    Thanks to Sam Morris and Matt Keenan.
  * Add an option to delete the included file after bug-buddy has
    processed it.
  * Implement a logger for pasting critical and fatal warnings in the
  * Include the loaded GTK+ modules in the stacktraces sent to bugzilla.
  * Update google-breakpad to SVN r290.
  * Compile with all the GLib/GTK+ deprecation flags.

Thanks to all the contributors and the translators.



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