ANNOUNCE GCalctool 5.25.1

The GCalctool team is proud to announce the first unstable release in the
stable GNOME 2.25 series.

This release contains a large amount of new work by Robin Sonefors who
picked up some Gnome Love items and hasn't looked back. Thanks to him
GCalctool now has dialog based financial functions, a programming
mode, and a new gross profit margin ration financial function. Klaus
Niederkrueger continues to wrestle the old FORTRAN MP math library
code up to the 21st century.

This release contains the following changes since 5.24.0:

    * Added a programming mode that contains the bit editor (Robin
Sonefors, Bug #501508).

    * Made finacial operations GUI-based not register based (Robin
Sonefors, Bug #318686).

    * Added Gross Profit Margin Ration Financial Function (Robin
Sonefors, Bug #150663).

    * Don't clear display when changing modes and allow all functions
to work in all non-basic
      modes (Robert Ancell, Bug #554133).

    * Set decimal point label to be based on LC_NUMERIC as users can
set their numerical
      representation to different to their language settings (Robin
Sonefors, Bug #557331).

    * More refactoring in MP math library (Klaus Niederkrueger, Robert
Ancell, Bug #524091).

    * Fixed GtkSpinButton warning (Robin Sonefors, Bug #553965).

    * Only update bit panel when display contains a solved number
(Robert Ancell, Bug #548690).

    * Remove inline declaration so can compile in C89 (Jens Granseuer,
Bug #553307).

    * Open help with gtk_show_uri() (Thomas Andersen, Bug #556207).

    * Added translator comments (Robert Ancell)

    * Updated translations: bg (Alexander Shopov),
                            da (Ask H. Larsen, Kenneth Nielsen),
                            es (Jorge Gonzalez),
                            et (Ivar Smolin),
                            fi (Ilkka Tuohela),
                            mk (Jovan Naumovski),
                            pt_BR (Vladimir Melo, Leonardo Ferreira Fontenelle)

    * Updated help: es (Jorge Gonzalez)

The release is available from:

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