gtk-engines 2.17.0 [unstable]

gtk-engines provides a central location for commonly used GTK+ engines.
It currently supplies several engines and default themes for those which
have one.

Overview of Changes in 2.17.0 (since 2.16.0)

Changes in this release:
 - Focus indicator drawing in Mist
 - Clearlooks now has a disable_focus option to do screenshots for
 - Fixed the background color of viewports in notebooks in Clearlooks.

GNOME Bugs fixed in this release:
 553575 – [PATCH] Only draw focus when navigating with the keyboard
 555890 – Button rendering bug

 e2bcaa8c8519e4af55a49b5a2faf45d4  gtk-engines-2.17.0.tar.bz2
 95edf9696050bd9cd02613f1d42cff8b  gtk-engines-2.17.0.tar.gz

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