ANNOUNCE: Gtk2-Perl 2.25.1

This is Gtk2-Perl, a set of Perl bindings for various GNOME libraries.  It includes:

  * Glib            1.210
  * Gnome2          1.042
  * Gnome2::Canvas  1.002
  * Gnome2::GConf   1.044
  * Gnome2::VFS     1.081
  * Gtk2            1.201
  * Gtk2::GladeXML  1.007

Tarballs can be downloaded from:

Changes in this release:

Overview of changes in Glib 1.210

* Add constants Glib::SOURCE_CONTINUE and SOURCE_REMOVE for use in source-type
* Add Glib::Child::watch_add.
* Provide gperl_register_boxed_alias, gperl_register_fundamental_alias, and
  gperl_register_object_alias to register aliases for other registered types.
* Improve the error message that occurs when an unknown interface is
  encountered while registering a new type.

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