Alarm Clock 0.2


I'm thrilled to announce the release of Alarm Clock 0.2!

Highlights for this release include: Multiple alarms, different alarm
types, repeated alarms and snooze support!

The 0.2 release of marks an important milestone of Alarm Clock
development. The name has been changed from Alarm Applet to the more
human friendly Alarm Clock. The project development has also been
moved to Launchpad [1], and it has received it's own homepage [2].

New Features:

Alarm Clock now supports multiple alarms running simultaneously.

Alarm Clock now distinguishes between two types of alarms: Clocks and
Timers. The default type, Clock, will trigger at a specific time of
day. The Timer will trigger after a specified amount of hours, minutes
and seconds.

Alarm Clock will now allow you to specify at what days an alarm should
trigger. No need to re-activate the alarm before you go to sleep any

An alarm or timer can now be snoozed for a specified number of
minutes. This only applies for alarms which uses sound notification.
Clicking the applet will snooze all running alarms. To clear all
alarms, right click the applet and choose "Clear alarms".

Grab it while it's steaming hot! [3]

Best regards,

Johannes H. Jensen


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