[ANNOUNCE] PaperBox 0.2


The second release of PaperBox is now available for download from

What is it?

PaperBox is a document browser.

It lets you nicely view your ebooks, office and text documents and
organise them by tags.

Relying on Tracker, it is able to instantly discover all documents
on your desktop, and present them in a convenient way. Tags and other
metadata are shared across all Tracker-based applications.

See a screenshot at

or a screencast at YouTube

or download and view it in high resolution from


  - Additional MIME types in index: missing OpenDocument formats
    with text, AbiWord, Microsoft Office, PostScript, and plain
    text files.

  - Categories: tag bundles for easier organising. A simple editor
    is included. Category files are stored in

  - All communication with Tracker is asynchronous. This means that,
    for example, the program won't hang anymore if you try to add
    a tag, but Tracker is currently busy indexing or generally not
    immediately responsive.

  - Respond to external tag changes. If you tag a document in
    tracker-search-tool for instance, PaperBox will immediately
    show or hide the tag(s).

  - Fixed bug #507520 – PaperBox crashes when Tracker is indexing,
    reported by Piotr Gaczkowski.

  - Fixed a bug about keeping document tiles expanded as we move
    through pages, and unintentionally showing all document details
    on tag selection.

  - Depend on giomm for file I/O.

  - Improved i18n support via usage of ngettext and no markup in strings.

  - Translations:
      ar:    Djihed Afifi
      ca:    Gil Forcada
      el:    Giannis Katsampiris
      en_GB: Andrew Barber
      es:    Jorge Gonzalez
      eu:    Inaki Larranaga Murgoitio
      fi:    Ilkka Tuohela
      fr:    Claude Paroz
      gl:    Ignacio Casal Quinteiro
      lt:    Gintautas Miliauskas
      mk:    Jovan Naumovski
      nl:    Reinout van Schouwen
      pl:    Piotr Gaczkowski
      pt_BR: Leonardo Ferreira Fontenelle
      pt:    Duarte Loreto
      sl:    Matej Urbančič
      sq:    Laurent Dhima
      sr:    Marko Anastasov
      sv:    Daniel Nylander

Even more information

  - Website:     http://live.gnome.org/PaperBox

  - Source code: http://svn.gnome.org/svn/paperbox/
  - Bugzilla:    http://bugzilla.gnome.org/enter_bug.cgi?product=paperbox

IRC: markoa

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