TeleGNOME 0.1.0 released

I've resurrected the TeleGNOME project; this is its first release since
2000, when it was based on GNOME 1.

What is it?

TeleGNOME downloads and displays Teletext pages from the Internet.

What's changed in 0.1.0?

New maintainer (Colin Watson).
Port to GNOME 2, GnomeVFS, and gnome-doc-utils.

  az (Vasif İsmayıloğlu MD), fr (fred), pt_BR (Ricardo Soares Guimarães),
  sv (Christian Rose), zh_CN (Wen ShaoHua)

Where can I get it?

Source code:
md5sum: a92c9208dd6241945be41359b8764b91
md5sum: afc545219ca897fe76cb98c6d1c674ba


Colin Watson                                       [cjwatson debian org]

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