gio-standalone 0.1.2 and gvfs 0.0.2 released

This is the second tarball release of gio/gvfs.
There were a few minor API/ABI changes, but nothing that should be
hard to fix.

One issue is that the gvfs module was moved into the main gvfs
module, so you might need to remove $prefix/lib/gvfs/modules/
if you installed the previous version, or you'll get a conflict.

Here are the NEWS files:

Major changes in gio-standalone 0.1.2:
* Fix build on solaris / OSX
* Leak fixes
* Fix typo in APIs: availible -> available
* We now handle the case where a GVfs implementation
  fails to initialize. For instance gvfs fails if
  there is no session bus.
* g_memory_output_stream_set_free_on_close was renamed
  to g_memory_output_stream_set_free_data and frees
  on finalize, not close. This makes more sense and
  is more consistent with GMemoryInputStream.
* Remove c++ keywords from public header files
* Clean up warnings in code
* Keep around async i/o worker threads a bit longer
  than the previous 0.5 secs

Major changes in gvfs 0.0.2:
* Updated to work win gio-standalone 0.1.2
* Build fixes on various platforms
* Don't link client lib to
* Change how the uri mapper works
* Integrate standard uri mappers (i.e. smb) into client libs
  (You might need to remove $prefix/lib/gvfs/modules/
   from an older version if you install this)
* Cleanly handle when gvfs daemons die, without
  crashing the app
* Implement unmounting
* Rename master daemon to "gvfsd" and mount daemons to
  names like "gvfsd-sftp".

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