Swfdec 0.5.4 released


here's a new release of the Swfdec packages.

swfdec-0.5.4 "2 advanced"
MD5: 506b032204b71ffac7d0424eaf9608c4

swfdec-mozilla 0.5.4 "Ultravibe Pleasure 2000"
MD5: 07fd3b851df6c70eb7f25944aa4990e3

swfdec-gnome-0.5.4 "Turkish Cycling Federation"
MD5: 5073dfa22239f77ae7407a7e1a5062af

This release brings lots of new features, most notably support for
TextFields and loading of other movie clips, JPEG or PNG images.
Another notable addition is support for exception handling and
inheritance Actionscript code.

Of interest to users might be the addition of the swfdec-gnome
package, which integrates Flash into the GNOME desktop by providing a
thumbnailer and a standalone player application.
Packagers will be interested in the slightly changed requirements for
Swfdec. In particular, GStreamer is now the only audio/video backend
enabled by default. And the mozilla plugin may not be moved from its
installation directory anymore.

Swfdec still follows the no-crashes-allowed policy. Should you still
succeed in finding a crasher, please immediately file a bug at

For more information about Swfdec, see http://swfdec.freedesktop.org

Contributors to this release:
Andreas Henriksson
Benjamin Otte
Chris Wilson
Cristian Grada
Eric Anholt
Michael Hofmann
Pavel Roskin
Pekka Lampila
Riccardo Magliocchetti
Stéphane Loeuillet

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