Tinymail pre-release v0.0.5 - E-mail library

I hereby announce the availability of Tinymail's pre-release v0.0.5.


Tinymail is a library for developing mobile applications with E-mail
functionality. The framework provides components that aid the developer
with the user interface but of course also with the connectivity and the
caching of messages.

For more information: http://tinymail.org

This pre-release marks the start of achieving API stability and software
quality. This pre-release contains features like:

   o. Support for IMAP4 (Lemonade)
   o. Support for POP
   o. Support for SMTP
   o. Support for Maildir
   o. Support for SSL and TLS using either OpenSSL or NSS for IMAP, POP
      and SMTP
   o. Support for DIGEST-MD5, CRAM-MD5, GSSAPI, Kerberos 4, NTLM/SPA,
      PLAIN, Login, POP before SMTP
   o. Reading E-mails offline (offline caching)
   o. Various components that go well with Gtk+
   o. Support for HTML E-mails (Gecko)
   o. Documentation
   o. Support for the platforms Maemo, GPE, OLPC and GNOME desktop
   o. Message notifications (Push E-mail) on IMAP
   o. Python language bindings (new since pre-release v0.0.1)

Features that have been left out, that might be added to a final
release, are:

   o. .NET language bindings
   o. C++ language bindings
   o. Vala language bindings
   o. D language bindings
   o. Virtual machine images with test IMAP servers
   o. Virtual machine images with test clients
   o. Support for Webkit when viewing HTML E-mails
   o. ACAP support for account configuration
   o. Message notifications with GMail using XMPP
   o. Unit tests integrated with test IMAP servers
   o. Unit tests specific for the Python language bindings
   o. Documentation updates and improvements

E-mail clients using Tinymail:

Modest (under development):

TMut (released software):

Let me know if you started a project and want to be in these release
notes with it.



Branch in the Subversion repository:

Trunk in the Subversion repository:

Online API documentation of this pre-release:


8c8d1f7378734231fd0458569346b9d4  libtinymail-0.0.5.tar.bz2
62baa33e05c4ac9fd550120b7df81aac  libtinymail-0.0.5.tar.gz

Packages (usually older versions than 0.0.5):

Ubuntu Gutsy: 


Changes since pre-release 0.0.4:

The pre-release 0.0.4 can be found here:

Sergio Villar Senin  <svillar igalia com>:

 * libtinymail-maemo/tny-maemo-conic-device.c:
   (tny_maemo_conic_device_connect_async): added a new parametter
   called user_requested that specifies whether or not the connection
   was requested by an user or by an automatic system (like a daemon).
   This allows the connection not to succed when the device is
 * libtinymail-maemo/tny-maemo-conic-device.c: 
   Added a new API to allow asynchronous connections in the Maemo conic
   device. This patch is a new version of an initial patch developed by
   pvanhoof with some changes. Splitted the Maemo connic device in two
   files, one for the actual device and the other one for a dummy device
   (useful for sbox devel) Fixed a problem when linking the maemo conic

Philip Van Hoof  <pvanhoof gnome org>:

 * Updating attachment flags after downloading of message
 * Bugfix, bug detected by Milan Crha (alloc must be a alloc0)
 * Fixed a crasher
 * Changed a hard reference into a weak reference, although I'm not
   sure that this was necessary.
 * Fixed two bugs: first that for transport-account the
   tny_camel_account_set_online's callback was never called for, second
   that the TnyCamelSendQueue was making TnyCamelFolder crash since
   yesterday's reference count fixes
 * Weak references for TnyHeader instances in TnyCamelMsgHeader
 * Reference counting mistakes in TnyGtkFolderStoreTreeModel
 * Reference counting mistakes in TnyGtkAccountListModel
 * Tryout lockup fix

Matthew Barnes  <mbarnes redhat com>:

 * Mark a bunch exception messages for translation.
 * A few new argument guards here and there (e.g. g_return_if_fail).
 * Tons of little whitespace and coding style fixes.

Vivek Sekar  <viveksekar gmail com>:

 * Renamed the control files with respect to the new maemo versions.

Jose Dapena Paz  <jdapena igalia com>:

 * libtinymail-camel/tny-camel-common.c: (split_recipients): now we
   strip the obtained addresses to avoid adding unmeaningful spaces to

Philip Van Hoof, freelance software developer
home: me at pvanhoof dot be 
gnome: pvanhoof at gnome dot org 

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