Gnome Applets 2.21.1

This release is mostly a pile of patches from Bugzilla thrown together
in the hope of producing a general improvement in the code. Thanks to
everyone who contributed in the last few months.

You can find the release at the usual place:

Changes below:

Changes in GNOME-Applets 2.21.1
Codename: "Cargo Cult"

Changes since the 2.20.0 release:
 Battstat Applet:
  - Make error messages translatable (Takao Fujiwara).
  - Ensure all strings are translated (Takao Fujiwara).
 Drive Mount Applet:
  - Make the applet work on the second login (Alex Jones).
 Eyes Applet:
  - This has been renamed from Geyes to Eyes there by removing the last
    g-ish from the applets (Matthias Clasen).
 Investment Applet:
  - Sort the stocks list to avoid a random list (Matt Chisholm).
  - Remove the dead URL in the about dialog (Matt Chisholm,
    Andrew Burton).
  - Make the pop-window size properly (Matt Chisholm).
  - Avoid a division by zero when stocks were free (Callum McKenzie).
  - Ellipsise excessively long device names (Bastien Nocera).
  - Fix a memory leak (Kjartan Marass).
  - Convert the code to use G_DEFINE_TYPE macros (Jaap Haitsma).
  - Reduce the rate of callbacks for the mixer applet when idling
 Modem Applet:
  - Convert the code to use G_DEFINE_TYPE macros (Jaap Haitsma).
 Trash Applet:
  - Convert the code to use G_DEFINE_TYPE macros (Jaap Haitsma).
 Weather Applet:
  - Updates for Virginia (serac).
  - All Missouri locations are now covered by a forecast (Michael
    Callum McKenzie).
  - Fix the use of nl_langinfo (Matthias Clasen).
  - Misc. code fixes (Matthias Clasen).
  - Use proper unicode temperature degree symbols (Alex Jones).
  - Ensure the library .pc file includes the correct linker flags
  - A better test for the nl_langinfo function (Matthias Clasen).

Translations (docs + UI):
  ar, be, bg, bn, ca, da, de, es, et, fi, gl, hu, lt, nb, pt, ru, si,
sl, sv

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