ANNOUNCE: gcalctool v5.21.2 (hopefully stable).

Gcalctool is the default GNOME desktop calculator.

It has Basic, Advanced, Financial and Scientific modes. Internally it
uses multiple precision arithmetic to produce results to a high degree
of accuracy.

This release is for GNOME 2.21.2.

A huge thankyou to Robert Ancell, who has now completed the conversion
of gcalctool to the Glade UI.

Changes since the last gcalctool version (5.21.1):

 * Fixed bug #485919 - Use Glade for UI.

 * Fixed bug #495349 - Close precision dialog when setting precision from
   Acc button.

 * Fixed bug #495345 - Connect "activate" signal for precision spin button
   after spin button has been updated.

 * Fixed bug #482655 - Missing image file.

 * Fixed for final remaining parts of bug #488694 - [a11y] Several
   calculator buttons don't speak correctly with Orca.

* Fixed bug #488489 - Make accuracy shortcuts only work in scientific mode.

 * Fixed bug # 488703 - Stop bogus '-/-' appearing in accuracy menu items.

 * Fix for bug #485134 - OR calculation produces incorrect result in
   arithmetic precedence mode.

 * General code cleanup.

(See the ChangeLog or the bug reports for more details).

Updated String Translations (thankyou!)

 * Matej Urbancic  - sl.po: Updated Slovenian translation.
 * Daniel Nylander - sv.po: Updated Swedish translation.
 * Espen Stefansen - nb.po: Updated Norwegian Bokmål translation.
 * Jorge Gonzalez  - es.po: Updated Spanish translation

You can download this new version from:

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