RELEASE: metacity 2.21.1

* What is it ?

Metacity is a simple window manager that integrates nicely with

* What's changed ?

Thanks to Elijah Newren, Alex R.M. Turner, Peter Bloomfield, Iain Holmes,
Jans Granseuer, Federico Mena Quintero and Thomas Thurman for improvements
in this release.

 - Add --sync option, like all other GTK apps (Iain)
 - Don't save window's position if it's maximised (Peter) (#461927)
 - Memory leak fix in preview (Jans) (#469682)
 - Truncate tab popup string correctly, and refactor function (Alex)
 - Windows which pop up under always-on-top windows don't get the
   focus, but do get the "needs attention" hint (Thomas) (#486445)
 - Fix error in function call which caused focus problems (Federico)
   (partial fix of #488468)

  Djihed Afifi (ar), Metin Amiroff (az), Alexander Shopov (bg),
  Jordi Mallach (ca), David Lodge (en_GB), Jorge González (es),
  Iñaki Larrañaga Murgoitio (eu), Vincent Untz (fr), Alastair McKinstry (ga),
  Ankit Patel (gu), Rajesh Ranjan (hi), auto (hr), Changwoo Ryu (ko),
  Raivis Dejus (lv), Wouter Bolsterlee (nl), Gora Mohanty (or),
  ASB (pa), wadim dziedzic (pl), Duarte Loreto (pt),
  Og Maciel (pt_BR), Peter Tuhársky (sk), Matej Urbančič (sl),
  Daniel Nylander (sv), Maxim Dziumanenko (uk), Funda Wang (zh_CN)

* Where can I get it ?

Source code

MD5 Sums

87d2a41d7bee2e52c627f3d6e4a7baf3  metacity-2.21.1.tar.bz2
0dec5b54b89603e9b7b3b98a7ad590da  metacity-2.21.1.tar.gz

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